Media Console Redo

I've been searching for a media console for close to a year now. I couldn't find one that was a decent price, real wood, the right style and color that I wanted. After the holidays I ventured out hoping for a New Years sale somewhere and after a full morning of going into close to … Continue reading Media Console Redo



  Crazy right? I mean honestly. Who in their right mind would put up with me? A guy name Dwight would. To make a long sappy story short, we met super quickly in 2012 by our mutual friend. I had a bonfire at my parents house and Dwight happened to somehow find himself there that … Continue reading I’m…ENGAGED!


I never really had solid proof of a miracle until April of 2017. It was a Friday night and some friends and myself were headed to the local Pizza Pub. My friend Matt was driving and took a backroad to get there. While we followed the road in the pitch black there were little glistening … Continue reading Evan